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Chef Tommy Radziejewski

key west chef tommy radziejewski

Chef Tommy, a Conch born and raised on the island of Key West, started his career at the age of 14 assisting the head chef and washing dishes at the Sugarloaf Leisure Club. After high school, Tommy spent 6 years at the infamous Meteor Smokehouse. He worked his way up through the ranks until he was the kitchen manager, in charge of all back-of-house operations. He followed the leadership to their two newest locations, Six Toed Cat and a Key West favorite, Seven Fish.

Striving to tackle a larger operation, Chef Tommy moved over to the Historic Seaport and made his mark at Alonzo’s and Turtle Kraals. After Pat Croce & Company purchased Turtle Kraals and Half Shell Raw Bar in 2012, the Head Chef knew he had the perfect position for Chef Tommy as executive Chef of Half Shell Raw Bar. As a Conch, Chef Tommy is passionate about cooking with fresh seafood from the Half Shell Fish Market while adding diverse specials to the menu through his island living influence.