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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern at Half Shell Raw Bar

Andrew Zimmern Eats at
Half Shell Raw Bar

Andrew Zimmern, host of the popular television show Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel, stopped by the Half Shell Raw Bar to sample our fresh conch ceviche & learn about the restaurant’s unique history. If you’d like to see more of Andrew’s visit, check out the Travel Channel’s video above.

Transcript Provided Below:

Zimmern: [voiceover] At the Half Shell Raw Bar in Key West, one of the house favorites is a ceviche made with bohemian queen conch.

Zimmern: Now, luckily, this food is meant to be served cold because, as you can see, I don’t eat a hot meal ever on this show.

Man: Why?

Zimmern: They take a lot of pictures of the food.

Man: (laughs) Okay.

Zimmern: Imagine, as crowded as this place gets, I cannot imagine how many oysters you go through ’cause there’s nothing easier to toss back with a few barley pops. Do people drink beer here too?

Man: Yeah, a few. We chug them down occasionally… in fours … it’s Key West.

Zimmern: It happens. [Grabs hot sauce bottle] I have a jar… I have a bottle of this in my refrigerator at home.

Man: You do?

Zimmern: Are you kidding me? Of course. Great flavor, great flavor. That’s the reason I’m not a big fan of Tabasco because you have ones like this that have great flavor, you know?

Man: Oh yeah, scorching hot though, oh boy… that’s hot stuff.

Zimmern: Scotch bonnet chile.

Zimmern: (voiceover) Until fairly recently, it was a rare thing to find conch served in a bar or restaurant. It takes a little practice to get it right.

Man: You need to know your business with conch too because if you do anything wrong, it’s rubber bands.

Zimmern: Well, that is true.

Man: This is spectacular stuff.

Zimmern: That is true. You’re playing for the home team. This is the Conch Republic! If you can’t eat conch down here, where can you eat it?

Man: Nowhere. Can’t get it anywhere else. These guys have that special permit and all that… that’s good.

Zimmern: It’s a little sweet, tart, limey, little tomato and onion… perfect.

Man: Real tasty…

Zimmern: Great with the hot sauce on there. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Cheers! It is, you know, they sliced it paper thin, they know what they’re doing, you know. That’s beautiful. What’s not to love about that?