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photo of conch ceviche in key west

Fresh Conch In Key West

When it comes to Fresh Conch..The way it use to be is not the way it is.

“You can’t get fresh conch in Key West, it’s illegal, you have to go to the Bahamas ” this is what you hear people say all the time when they are asked  “where they can find fresh conch?”. This has been kind of true for many years. Just how technology is changing our world it is also changing the conch industry. Conchs are now harvested from sustainable farms in the Bahamas. The Half Shell Raw Bar uses these harvesting grounds for our Bahamian conch. This is the best part, because that means we will have this great resource for years to come. The conch is being prepared many different ways in our restaurants from raw to fried  Let me tell you, it’s unreal how good it is. If you have had the pleasure of trying fresh conch in the Bahamas or remember the taste when you used to be able to pull them right out of the water at the beach, then you know the difference between conch and “fresh conch” and this stuff really has that ultra fresh taste that is so hard to come by. So I just wanted to let some people know that when someone tells you there’s no fresh conch in the Keys they haven’t been to Half Shell.

Executive Chef Tommy