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Image of Key West Pink Shrimp

Top 5 Ways We Prepare Fresh Key West Seafood

At the Half Shell Raw Bar, we offer the freshest catches this side of the historic seaport. Our seafood is always sourced locally and daily from the neighboring Half Shell Fish Market. Learn more about the top 5 ways we prepare fresh Key West seafood for an unforgettable and delicious meal.

1. Tenderized Fried Conch

Conch is a Key West seafood staple. At the Half Shell Raw Bar, we serve tenderized Bahamian conch sliced thin and fried with panko breading and hints of lime marinade. This featured item is distributed exclusively by the Half Shell Fish Market, and comes from sustainable farming sources in the Bahamas. Don’t miss out on sampling this choice seafood selection.

2. Steamed Key West Pink Shrimp

You haven’t had shrimp until you’ve tried our peel and eat Key West pinks. These sweet and tender shrimp are sourced locally from Key West waters and cooked daily. For the perfect flavor, the shrimp are prepared in steam kettles and seasoned with our exclusive Edith’s Bay seasoning. You can even take home some of our unique seasoning from the Half Shell’s retail store. Next time you’re craving fresh seafood with a tropical twist, order a half-pound of peel and eat pink shrimp from the Half Shell Raw Bar.

Image of Oyster Shucking in Key West

3. Raw Gulf Oysters by the Dozen

We were honored to be recognized by Food & Wine magazine for the Best Local Oysters. Our signature gulf oysters are prepared at the restaurant’s own shucking station. When your order is placed, our seafood experts shuck the oysters from the shell right onto your plate. Enjoy our fresh oysters by the dozen with cocktail sauce, horseradish and lime at the raw bar.

4. Boiled Stone Crab

Florida’s stone crab is a renewable island delicacy. Visitors and locals alike visit the Half Shell Raw Bar to pick up a half-pound or more when the new season rolls around. We source our stone crab locally from the Keys and South Florida. Claws are cooked soon after removal from the crab to ensure the most succulent flavor. You’ll find medium, large and jumbo claws at the Half Shell Raw Bar, ready to be enjoyed by hungry guests.

5. Fried Fish Sandwich

If you’re in the mood for a local favorite, you can’t go wrong with our fried fish sandwich. Every morning, our chef surveys the fishing fleet’s haul at the Half Shell Fish Market. The best catch of the day is then breaded, fried and served on Cuban bread with homemade tartar sauce and your choice of toppings.

Stop by the Half Shell Raw Bar for lunch or dinner, where you’ll find no shortage of libations, local color and the island’s freshest seafood!